Here are my personal reasons on why losing weight is hard.

1. FOOD – The most challenging part for me is quitting on rice. All my life ive been consuming white rice daily! that’s every three meals then i suddenly stop. I know it’s unhealthy and alternative sources of good carbs are everywhere but they’re just no comparison with white rice. Maybe it’s because of the sugars in it?


How could you possibly not give in to a bowl of bibimbap? Or a good serving of rice and freshly cooked chicken adobo? Tell me please.

2. EXERCISE – Not exactly exercise but the time management. I work in a hospital pharmacy and my schedule is not constant so my pattern changes every single day. making time for daily workouts is tough. im already tired from work, i don’t want my body to suddenly collapse. I really dont know what to do with this

3. HANG OUT DAYS – Cmon! Would I really eat salad for lunch if my friends ordered pizza?



Imagine your friends chatting around enjoying a slice or two while you’re munching on your greens like a goat. Plus salad and beer don’t really match.



4. PCOS – For those who do not know what this is, it means polycystic ovarian syndrome meaning i have a problem with my hormones. Many women have pcos and im unfortunately one of them. I have medications to control my hormones and my constant craving for sugar but it just cant stop it sometimes. The doctor said if i won’t change aka unhealthy food and inactive lifestyle the longer time it’ll take for my pcos to get better.

These are my daily struggles to the road of success. I’ve been really trying my best to change for the better tho I don’t know when i’d reach my goal of being healthy but little by little i can see the changes in my body and my mood too 😊 I just have to stick to my plan and fight temptations. Positivity always! 👍


November hits

I’ve started my “healthy eating” last week to lose some fats I’ve had since high school. Basically i’m cutting my daily intake of white rice,the staple food of probably all asian countries i know. The first week was hell! I’m always hungry, the temptation of having just one spoonful of rice punching me straight in the gut. My family always eats together during meal time and it’s very painful to watch them stuff their mouths with rice while i eat lonely lettuce leaves and apple. The results are not so obvious yet since it’s just a few weeks but i’m seeing some ( i lost 2 kilos yeaaaaaahhhh) already. The doctor says it’ll be a month to actually see the results of my hard work and that i have to exercise too. My routine consists of dancing (it’s my cardio lol), arms and legs workout and some for the abs too. I’m apple shaped so my stomach is a like big bulge of fat sticking out of my torso and i try to lose it first (by cardio) before forming some abs…maybe. December is coming and pretty sure i’ll be eating a lot again on the holidays but i’ll try to control myself and check my portions. Hopefully this will be a success cos i really want to have a healthier body and lifestyle.  Screenshot_2015-11-05-16-33-34-1