St.Marc Cafe


When I was visiting my cousin Anne in Makati last saturday, we decided to have some ice cream in a cafe at Greenbelt called St. Marc Cafe. Apparently it’s a very famous Japanese cafe in Tokyo specializing on French pastries and sweets. We went after dinner and we certainly were not disappointed. Inside were sofa seats good for 2 to 4 persons, the lights were perfect for those who wants to relax and enjoy their time alone. If you want to chill and chat with friends, this would be a great place for you.

Food Rating – 4/5

I like how the actual food is the same with the display in their window. Freshly made ice cream and toppings too. I had the Madonna, cut strawberries and chocolate syrup on soft served ice cream filled waffle cone, Anne had the Sunshine which is diced mangoes also on soft served ice cream filled waffle cone. They’re both refreshing but a little too milky and gritty for me.

MENU – 4/5

We only got to try their waffle cones since we just had a very filling dinner (pizza, pasta and chicken). They have plenty of choices on their specialty products of pastries, coffee, tea and ice cream. They also have pastas and sandwiches to choose from. It’s not the biggest selection but hey, they all look AMAZING.


Don’t take me wrong, the cafe was cozy, maybe a little too cozy that I felt like taking a nap. There are seats where the lights are too bright and at some parts it’s too dim. There are about 3 beautiful paintings on the wall each with their own light. It’s too crowded tho as the counter and the first row of seats only has a tiny bit of gap between them. Air-conditioning is just right, not too cold and not too warm.

STAFF – 5/5

Once you enter the cafe, they would shout something like a greeting maybe to announce your arrival. The bartenders are friendly and patient enough to wait for orders. Also, Anne left her macbook and we figured it out after about 2 minutes and we were so lucky and grateful because they were honest and quick enough to get it for safe keeping. THANK YOU!

Would I recommend this cafe? YES

You can find this cafe in Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City

I’m definitely going to be visiting again to try their chococro! YUM ❤



I slept the entire day and no it’s not laziness. Blame graveyard duty, definitely my least favorite of all work shifts. You work from 1100P to 0700A without sleep, plus you eat snacks to stay awake so you gain weight (I do not need those extra pounds at the moment) and night differentials do not actually cost a lot people. But work is work and I gotta earn money so I just have to suck it up.

“I care about my job, Sir. I care about you” – Sharon Cuneta, Caregiver


Photoshop. I downloaded. I tried. I failed. What an experience. Thanks.

I am back!

YAS year 2015 I am still alive! so many things have happened this year and they are all awesome! First, I survived Pharmacy! It’s been a roller coaster ride of mostly downs but i managed to get off safely. Second, I passed the board exam!!!! Finally I can say this “One life goal down!”  thanks to prayers and……prayers lmao. I’ve been working for a month as a hospital pharmacist now and I’m actually enjoying my stay there. Plus I’m earning! Having your own money feels very satisfying. I get to buy whatever I want (mostly food) without the guilt of wasting too much money from my parents.
 Over all I am really happy! I hope you guys are too 🙂